A Squirrel Monkey leaps over a river hidden away in the jungle. After the first monkey jumped across, the others in the group followed suit.
 A man from the Kichwa Añangu Community uses palm fronds from the surrounding jungle to create the roof of a new building.
 A Leafcutter Ant carries a leaf to its nest, while another ant rides on the leaf acting as a guard against threats like parasitic flies.
 A man carries heavy palm fronds towards a new structure in the Napo Community Center. The men in the community weaved the branches together to create a new roof.
 Women in the Kichwa Añagu Cultural Center dance in front of tourists before selling handmade jewellery.
 Colbalt-Winged Parakeets flock together at a clay lick in Yasuni National Park. It took three days for them to make their way down to the important minerals; they were easily spooked .
 A Masked Trogon perches in the Mindo Cloud Forest of Ecuador.
 A women makes a bracelet to sell to tourists in the Napo Cultural Center. The colours on her dress and necklace match the trogon’s colours.
 A Black Caiman, half submerged, swims quietly through a river in the Amazon.
 A Kichwa Añagu women roasts Palm Weevil larvae on a fire.
 A child’s shoes lay next to the platform of a house in the Napo Cultural Center.
 A likely Ocelot track lays next to a river. The next day we returned and it was gone, along with nearby Peccary and Tapir tracks.
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